The Role of Technology in Enhancing the Patient Experience

In this clip, Nick Calla, RPh, vice president of Industry Relations at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, talks about how technology can enhance patient care from a pharmacy perspective. 


If you think about specialty pharmacy, for the longest time, and this industry has probably been in its development now for a little over decade where you truly have specialty pharmacy, we started off basically faxing referrals back and forth to each other and calling patients on the phone. Talking to the patient on the phone, or even in the case of the smaller pharmacy, talking to the patient face-to-face, is still the primary way. But now, what we have is texting technology, telemedicine, and other opportunities like that that are helping to enhance that. The way I feel is those enhancements help to support the message that we’re trying to get to the patient keeping them compliant to therapy. You start with that face-to-face or phone consultation, then you can follow up with the text messaging, the telemedicine opportunities and that just helps to enhance that relationship and that experience for the patient.

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