Pharmacytimes: Resources: Neurology Neurology en-us Mon, 22 Apr 2019 01:06:26 UTC Mon, 22 Apr 2019 01:06:26 UTC Synthetic Molecule May Promote Remyelination, Shows Promise for Multiple Sclerosis Sobetirome was shown to stimulate myelination in mice without the severe adverse effects commonly associated with thyroid hormone therapy for multiple sclerosis. FDA Accepts Riluzole Oral Film New Drug Application for ALS Riluzole oral film is a novel formulation of riluzole, which is an adjuvant therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Addressing Challenges of Specialty Pharmacy Expansion in Health Systems Matthew Malachowski, PharmD, BCPS, supervisor of specialty pharmacy services at UAB Health System, discusses the challenges associated with establishing or expanding specialty pharmacy services within an institution. Senate Hearing Addresses Role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in Drug Pricing On Tuesday, a US Senate Finance Committee hearing on drug pricing focused on addressing the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in determining cost to patients. Study Shows Patients Commonly Misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Approximately 1 in 5 patients in a study were misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis before being referred to treatment centers. Targeting Brain Stem Cell Aging in Progressive MS May Enhance Remyelination Brain stem cells of patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis appear to age faster. Gene Expression Mapping of ALS Could Reveal New Treatment Targets The matching of optimized technologies and novel approaches has provided investigators with a framework to assess and understand neurologic conditions. First Short-Course Oral Therapy Approved for Relapsing Forms of MS Cladribine (Mavenclad, EMD Serono) is the first oral multiple sclerosis drug to demonstrate 2 years of proven efficacy with a maximum of 20 days of treatment. First Oral Drug for Secondary Progressive MS Tops SPT Week in Review Top news of the week from Specialty Pharmacy Times. FDA OKs Siponimod, First Oral Drug for Active Secondary Progressive MS Novartis’ siponimod (Mayzent) is approved for adults with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, clinically isolated syndrome, and relapsing-remitting disease. Long-standing Drug Treatment May Prolong Life for MS Patients Study is the first and largest of its kind to examine mortality associated with beta interferons, the first drugs to be approved for the treatment of relapsing-onset multiple sclerosis. Three-Year Data Support Efficacy of Biosimilar Ontruzant in Breast Cancer A phase 3 study compared overall survival and cardiac safety between biosimilar trastuzumab (Ontruzant) and the reference medicine. Sugary Beverages Associated With More Severe Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Patients with multiple sclerosis who consumed 2 cans of soda per day were 5 times more likely to experience severe disability. BMI in Adolescence Linked to MS Development Later in Life Higher body mass index at beginning of menstruation linked to greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis. 5 Ways Health Systems Are Missing Out by Not Addressing Specialty Pharmacy Operating a specialty pharmacy is a great benefit to health systems that adopt it early, while those who wait are going to face higher risks and have a lower probability of success. Impact of Flavonoids on Fatigue in Patients with RRMS A recent study showed that flavonoid-rich cocoa improved fatigue by 45% in patients with relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis. International Drug Pricing Index Model Could Restrict Innovation, Access This proposal, outlined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in late 2018, would undermine CMS’ stated goal of prioritizing value and improved patient outcomes over utilization and sickness. Study Shows No Relapse After Pregnancy for Women With Multiple Sclerosis Women with multiple sclerosis who breastfed exclusively for at least 2 months had a 40% lower rate of relapse compared with women who did not breastfeed. Stem Cell Transplant More Effective Than Disease-Modifying Therapy for MS Stem cell transplantation found to provide greater protection than disease-modifying therapy against progression of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Soda May Lead to Higher Level of Disability for MS Patients Study focuses on the importance of distinguishing whether sugar-sweetened beverages heightened disability in patients with multiple sclerosis. VSEO N/A