Pharmacytimes: Resources: Hepatitis Hepatitis en-us Sun, 21 Apr 2019 04:48:37 UTC Sun, 21 Apr 2019 04:48:37 UTC Study Examines HCV Retreatment Regimen in Patients with Previous Virologic Failure Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir (G/P) plus sofosbuvir and ribavirin can potentially treat patients who experienced previous virologic failure following G/P therapy. AMCP: Industry Shifts to Benefit Complex Patients The AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting featured various discussions on strategies to manage complex patients and achieve optimal outcomes, highlighted by an exciting string of innovations and policy shifts. Direct-acting Antivirals Show Real World Efficacy in HCV/HIV Coinfection HIV infection is associated with higher rates of hepatitis C replication. How Does Sustained Virologic Response of Hepatitis C Affect Long-Term Health? An increasing number of patients with decompensated cirrhosis are receiving direct-acting antiviral treatment and attaining sustained virologic response of hepatitis C, however, their long-term outcomes are unclear. Patients With Cancer Treated for Hepatitis C Still Suitable for Chemo Trials Study finds chronic hepatitis C virus infection should not delay the initiation of an urgent cancer therapy. Eradicating HCV, HBV Becoming Realistic Goal Achievable steps could be taken to reach the World Health Organization goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C virus infections as public health threats by 2030. Potential Hepatitis C Vaccine Could Help Eradicate Disease A novel vaccine to prevent hepatitis C infection has been tested in Baltimore and at two other sites in the United States. Hepatitis C, HIV Drugs Remain Number One in Outpatient Medicaid Spending Kaiser Family Foundation analysis examines Medicaid outpatient prescription drug utilization and spending before rebates. Research Suggests Liver Cells are More Susceptible to Cancer Study finds that hepatocytes cells respond to inflammation by activating a protein that creates the environment needed for cancer cells to spread. HCV: Direct-Acting Antivirals May Reduce Mortality, Liver Cancer Risk The study was the first to compare patients with hepatitis C treated with direct-acting antiviral drugs and those untreated for long-term risks. Study: Highly Cost Effective to Screen Pregnant Women for Hepatitis C Because pregnancy is one of the few times individuals are in contact with the health system and covered by health insurance, there is a cost-effective opportunity to screen for hepatitis C virus. Gastric Acid Drugs Not Found to Inhibit Efficacy of Hepatitis C Treatment Study finds that glecaprevir/pibrentasvir pan-genotypic efficacy for hepatitis C virus is achieved regardless of whether patients are concurrently receiving gastric acid-reducing drugs. Large Study Supports Direct-Acting Antiviral Link to Reduced Mortality, Liver Cancer Risk in HCV New research supports the use of direct-acting antiviral therapy for all individuals with chronic hepatitis C infection. Trending News Today: Supreme Court Rejects Case on Drug Price Gouging Law Top news of the day from across the health care landscape. Hepatitis C Antivirals Reduce All-Cause Mortality, Liver Cancer Longitudinal study of direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C virus infection finds that treatment provides clinical benefit beyond virologic response, reducing risk for both all-cause mortality and for liver cancer. Trending News Today: Keytruda Fails to Slow Disease, Extend Survival in Liver Cancer Trial Top news of the day across the health care landscape. Trending News Today: Liver Fibrosis Treatment Achieves Main Goal of Late-Stage Study Top news of the day across the health care landscape. New Therapy Able to Clear Hepatitis C From Donor Lungs Prior to Transplantation A novel method of inactivating hepatitis C virus in donor lungs could increase transplantations for patients with end stage lung disease. Sofosbuvir-Based Regimens Well Tolerated in Asian American Patients with HCV Sofosbuvir-based regimens for the treatment of hepatitis C were well tolerated in Asian American communities, according to a new study. Study: Hepatitis B Virus Increases Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Those with hepatitis B virus have a significantly elevated risk for developing any type of age-related macular degeneration, according to a new report VSEO N/A