Specialty Pharmacy Times: March/April

From the Chairman
Specialty Pharmacy’s Super Bowl Ready to Kick Off
With the first few months of 2019 behind us, one of the signature events in the specialty space is on the horizon.
Infused Specialty Pharmacy and Expanded Opportunities
For the traditional specialty pharmacy, we often think of oral or self-injectable products being sent to the patient’s home. But what about specialty infused products?
Viewpoints: The Last Word
Don't Ignore the Steady Drumbeat of Drug Importation
One way that policymakers and industry insiders have constantly considered to lower drug prices has been through importation.
In Practice
Panel Discussion Highlights Evolving Hemophilia Treatment Paradigm
Experts explore current and emerging therapies for hemophilia and review best practices for management of the disease.
Clinical Insights
Revlimid for Multiple Myeloma
Celgene Corporation’s lenalidomide (Revlimid) is a targeted therapy that stops the growth of myeloma cells in the bone marrow.
Perform an AOR to Comply With USP <800>
If an assessment of risk is not conducted and implemented on a specific hazardous drug or dosage form, it must be handled according to the standard.
Uncovering Hidden Savings in the Hospital Pharmacy
The shift from fee-based, volume-driven care to value-based, patient-centered care and the growth of specialty pharmaceuticals are propelling us all into uncharted territory, no matter what role you play in health care.
International Drug Pricing Index Model Could Restrict Innovation, Access
This proposal, outlined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in late 2018, would undermine CMS’ stated goal of prioritizing value and improved patient outcomes over utilization and sickness.
Understanding and Navigating Specialty and Orphan Drug Challenges in the 340B Program
Failure to recognize the interests of manufacturers to ensure proper use of 340B pricing may result in 340B hospitals missing the opportunity to secure and retain discounts on key orphan and specialty drugs or may render them unable to access the drugs at all.
Going Beyond the Prescription in Specialty Pharmacy
A data-centric approach is vital for patients with complex conditions, particularly in determining what has worked well and anticipating what medical or pharmacy care is required for effective outcomes in the future.
Data Aggregation in Specialty Pharmacy
The value of big data in health care is realized when raw data are transformed into insights that drive practice change and decision making.
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