Specialty Pharmacy Times: September/October

From the Chairman
A Blueprint for Change in Specialty Pharmacy
There is no doubt that aggressive actions must be taken throughout the US health care landscape to rein in spending on prescription drugs and help patients to access lifesaving therapies.
Community “Specialty” Pharmacy vs the Competition
Given the state of political affairs currently engulfing health care, our industry regularly gets vilified and is frequently a victim of misperception.
In Practice
USP Chapter <800>: Nonsterile Compounding Pharmacy Air Flow Considerations
USP Chapter <800> presents many challenges for pharmacies and other health care settings, especially compounding pharmacies.
Viewpoints: The Last Word
What Is Genetic Discrimination, and How Can It Affect Us?
Genetic discrimination occurs when people are treated differently by their employer or insurance company because they have a genetic mutation that causes or increases the risk of an inherited disorder or they have a familial history of a specific health condition.
Clinical Insights
Role of IL-23 Inhibition in the Management of Plaque Psoriasis
The inhibition of the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) pathway and its proinflammatory processes has been central in psoriasis management.
The Health Care Affordability Debate: Is Single-Payer the Answer?
There has been increasing buzz surrounding health care reform concepts that which seek to address the singular issue of individual health care coverage affordability.
The Role of Accumulator Co-pay Programs in Specialty Pharmacy Benefits
As specialty spending continues to creep up to 50% of total drug spend, payers have an option to directly reduce their costs while impacting a relatively small volume of prescriptions.
Lifelong Learning and Certification in Specialty Pharmacy
Earning the CSP credential demonstrates a commitment to practice excellence and provides lifelong learning and growth within the specialty pharmacy industry and is a key indicator to employers, manufacturers, patients, payers, other health care providers, and the public that a professional is an expert in specialty pharmaceuticals.
Implementing a Health-System Specialty Pharmacy
By establishing in-house specialty pharmacies, health systems can accelerate growth while offering patients innovative therapies, an enhanced experience, and clinically coordinated care that ultimately improves outcomes.
Federal Drug Price Plan Rollout and Other Trends to Watch
The FDA recently launched one of its first programs following the release of the Trump administration’s new drug price plan.
Inconsistent Specialty Pharmaceutical Coverage Threatens Care Coordination, Continuity
For payers, employers, and health systems, spending on specialty medications and the spending trend remain common concerns.
"American Patients First" Plan Marks a Good First Step: Here's What Should Happen Next to Lower Drug Costs
With American Patients First, the administration is doing its part to improve prescription drug affordability—now it’s time for Congress to do theirs.
Company Profile
MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions: Solutions Designed to Help Specialty Pharmacies Make the Most of Key Market Trends
How can specialty pharmacies keep track of and prepare for current and future challenges in such a dynamic market?
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