BriovaRx: A Hands-on Approach to Personalized Care

It has been 1 year since BriovaRx, the nation’s fourth-largest specialty pharmacy, underwent a rebranding and was introduced into the marketplace. Bringing more than 15 years of specialty pharmacy experience from when it was known as MedFusion/Ascend, BriovaRx provides the ability to control spending on specialty medications and ensure that patients receive personalized support. BriovaRx builds upon what the Medfusion and Ascend brands were able to accomplish and represents a fresh approach to the management of specialty pharmaceuticals and the patients who need them.

While the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry is focused on drug price and distribution, BriovaRx is dedicated to engaging patients in a highly personal way so that their care is managed holistically and they remain adherent to their medications. It’s essentially about infusing vigor and energy back into specialty pharmacy and helping reclaim healthy, vibrant lives, one patient at a time.

BriovaRx is focused on containing costs and producing better health outcomes for their patients and clients by providing:
  • 24/7 access to a highly trained and specialized clinical staff using evidence-based clinical treatment protocols,
  • proactive insights needed to make informed decisions that control specialty costs without compromising quality of care,
  • the ability to fulfill all specialty scripts, including limited distribution medications, and
  • personalized support for patients battling complex or chronic diseases.  
Areas of care include ankylosing spondylitis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, enzyme deficiencies and lysosomal storage disorders, growth hormone deficiency, hemophilia and bleeding disorders, hepatitis C, infertility, juvenile arthritis, multiple sclerosis, organ transplant, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

BriovaRx’s staff of clinical experts personally guide patients through their prescribed treatment plans to ensure safe, effective, and timely administration. This is achieved by engaging patients in the ways they prefer, ensuring that they become more comfortable and confident with self-administration of complex medication regimens:
  • BriovaRx’s specialty mobile app gives patients a convenient resource to find comprehensive information about their conditions and treatment plans. This tool provides patients the ability to access important information related to their medication regimens from anywhere. 
  • Video consultations connect newly diagnosed specialty patients with a specialty pharmacist who can “unbox” supplies along with the patient, walking them through their treatment plan and medication administration process step by step.
With a video consult, patients value the personal attention and immediate feedback they receive while in the privacy and comfort of their own home. This approach establishes an immediate relationship between the patient and pharmacist, putting the patient at ease and ensuring that all the questions about their new therapy are answered.

The program—launched in April and for patients with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and hepatitis C—is already showing great results. In a satisfaction survey of the pilot test group, all of the participants indicated that the video consult helped them better understand how to use their medicine: 90% indicated that they felt more confident in their ability to self-administer.
  • Proactive, over-the-phone refill reminders and fast, free home delivery are offered to make it easy for patients to adhere to their medications without disruption or delay.
Creating a feedback loop for patients, providers, and payers and serving as the patient’s pharmaceutical care advocate is a priority for BriovaRx. This is done by:
  • ensuring that patients receive their medications and medical supplies quickly and accurately,
  • collaborating with physicians to keep them informed of their patient’s progress,
  • conducting benefits investigations and providing financial assistance options for patients when necessary,
  • ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers have visibility into how a drug does or doesn’t perform,
  • empowering the individual to become an engaged consumer in his or her own health care, and
  • connecting to the payer to demonstrate better outcomes.
BriovaRx is URAC, ACHC, and VIPPS accredited and is continually growing with 11, soon to be 12, facilities throughout the country. «

For more information, see BriovaRx's directory listing or visit

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