Treatment Support Kits Are Designed with Patient Therapies in Mind


In this clip, Jamie Fritz, RPh, Retail Pharmacy Manager at Compass Oncology, explains the treatment support kit committee of the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association (NCODA), and how these kits are designed for each specific patient.


So, our treatment support kits are kits that are designed with the patient in mind. So, anytime a patient starts with a new therapy they receive a treatment support kit that is designed specifically for the medication they’re on and the potential side effects they could have. So, with NCODA we develop the treatment support kits with number one the patient in and the medication they’re on. So, if the side effect were diarrhea, we would include some loperamide, or skin cream for hand foot syndrome with capecitabine. So, through NCODA and the treatment support kit committee, we’re developing kits that make sense for the patient and the therapy that they’re going to be on.