Moving Toward Value-Based Care: 'Tearing Down Silos' Is Key


Nick Calla, RPh, vice president of Industry Relations at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions, talks about how different providers must work together to ensure the success of a value-based care system. 


From a value-based care system point of view, I think you’ve seen local examples around the country that really work. And again it really comes back down to communication, open communication between the different caregivers. So we’ve all kind of worked in silos up to this point. You need to start to tear down those silos to some degree, a cliché term but it’s true. And you need to have more open communication between the different groups. So in pharmacy, it’s really to communicate with the doctor to make sure the patient is truly on a care plan that works for them.
Then you can really start to go toward value-based care, which is what the Accountable Care Organizations have tried to do. So it’s really not just your particular piece that’s going to create “value” and reward for that particular pharmacy or doctor, but it’s collaboration and teamwork between those particular pieces that will do that. And ultimately, the payer and the patient ultimately are going to see the value of that in a value-based system that’s looking at the patient in totality versus the medical treatment versus the pharmacy treatment versus how are you going to get this reimbursed, etc.