Groundbreaking Strides in B-Cell Lymphoma Treatment


Cheryl Allen, BSPharm, MBA, Vice President of Industry Relations at Diplomat Pharmacy, gives an overview of the exciting therapeutic developments in the B-cell lymphoma space. 


I guess one of the things that I found really fascinating about the pathway is what’s going on in B-cell lymphoma. There’s some work being done and it goes back to the Cancer Moonshot campaign and you know, with the 21st Century Cares Act then Congress earmarked $1.8 billion for a Cancer Moonshot. So different institutions are taking part in this. We have MD Anderson and Dr. Michael Wang is leading the way. And we saw an approval in acalabrutinib and this is a selective Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It should have less side effects than what we see on the market today, but just phenomenal as far as overall survival for these patients. So I think this is the first, what we see with the goal of the moonshot, particularly in B cell lymphoma where right now we have an overall 30% response rate to increase to 60 and plus percent and increasing in overall survival.