Expand Your Vision of the Patient Experience to Improve Care


Matthew Malachowski, PharmD, BCPS, supervisor of specialty pharmacy services at UAB Health System, discusses opportunities to improve the patient experience.


I would probably recommend not narrowing our vision to a specific subset of the patient experience. It goes far beyond pharmacy, far beyond the clinic. It goes far beyond what our traditional scope of health care is. Whether it’s communication, whether it’s transportation, diet. How the prescription gets to the patient, how the patient understands the prescription. I feel like there is a lot of opportunity for us to continue to improve the experience and the patient’s health and wellbeing in general, that if you get used to ‘well this is my role and I’m going to stay in my lane’ there are a lot of opportunities that get left behind. And it’ll take a lot of innovation and it will take a lot of creative problem solving and someone exponentially more intelligent than myself to probably overcome that.