Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities in Prostate Cancer


Cheryl Allen, BSPharm, MBA, Vice President of Industry Relations at Diplomat Pharmacy, talks about new therapeutic developments going on within the prostate cancer space. 


I think we’ve got some very interesting things going on within prostate cancer. And I bring that to our attention because here in specialty pharmacy we’ve got a lot of opportunities, right. So with prostate cancer, by the time we get to see these patients many times they’re castration-resistant. We begin to see more therapies that maybe don’t have as much of a CNS side effect. So these patients we often want to make sure they’re not having types of falls or anything like that, so we’ve got some developing going on there. I think, also, opportunities around specialty generics. So we should see abiraterone go generic at some point, maybe in the next few months or year, however we see that come down.