Celebrating National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day, celebrated annually on January 12, honors pharmacists across different specialties and in every setting by recognizing the impact they have in health care.
Traditionally, a white-coat-wearing, pill-dispensing health care professional may come to mind when thinking of a pharmacist, but their role in the patient journey extends well beyond filling prescriptions. As vital members of the medical care team, pharmacists consistently make a difference in their patients’ lives. 
The public seems to think so, too. In the latest 2018 Gallup poll, pharmacists ranked 3rd among the most trusted professionals in the United States. Of the survey’s 1025 respondents, 66% rated the honesty and ethical standards of pharmacists as “high” or “very high.” 
In addition, a 2018 study showed that pharmacies deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. Community pharmacy businesses especially continue to shine when it comes to engaging patient services that provide value, according to the JD Power 2018 US Pharmacy Study.
Above all else, when it comes to enhancing patient care and improving health outcomes, pharmacists are the key players. Through managing complex drug regimens, counseling to ensure patients remain adherent, helping navigate insurance and cost concerns, and much more, pharmacists have an irreplaceable role in health care.
On November 1, 2017Specialty Pharmacy Times® and Pharmacy Times® kicked off the joint #APharmacistIs campaign to celebrate the crucial role pharmacists play, both in the patient journey and in the real world. Much like National Pharmacist Day, the #APharmacistIs campaign seeks to raise awareness in the health care space and among the general public to provide a better understanding of who pharmacists are and just how important they are for overall patient health.
Over the past year, we’ve received many great submissions from pharmacists sharing their different experiences. As we continue this ongoing campaign, we encourage you, your co-workers, family members, and friends to share with us on social media how you’re celebrating National Pharmacist Day. Share a photo and let us know what #APharmacistIs to you in your own words and be sure to tag Specialty Pharmacy Times® and Pharmacy Times®.
As Jerry A. Barbee Jr., PharmD, BCPS, CPh, wrote in a Pharmacist Feature Friday article published on Specialty Pharmacy Times®, “Yes, the current dialogue is about many business metrics, prescription volumes, workload concern, etc., but at the center of all these issues, the pharmacist still remains as the most accessible and trusted health care professional.”

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