Specialty Pharmacy Times: July/August 2014

From the Chairman
Specialty Is Not Always Pharmacy: Uncovered Secrets
Many specialty products require a limited access approach, and specialty pharmacists need to have knowledge of the distribution and supply chain structure.
Specialty Speaks
Bullied into Extinction
Government involvement may be required in order to keep corporate entities from bullying specialty pharmacies out of business.
New Product Pipeline
Specialty Pipeline Highlights
Approval is expected in 2014 for drugs to treat psoriasis, cancer, and orphan conditions.
Community Specialty Pharmacy: The Time Is Now!
When specialty pharmacists refine their skills and adapt their methods of providing services to patients, they are directing their own destinies and taking on a valuable role in the community.
Specialty Pharmacy in Retail: A Face-to-Face Patient Experience
Community-based specialty pharmacies are poised to set the trend for delivery of specialty drugs because of their emphasis on the personal care and patient management that help ensure positive outcomes.
Keeping an Eye on Hepatitis C Virus Drug Approvals
With the recent approval of new hepatitis C treatments, payers are increasingly concerned with controlling costs in this category through policies that may affect treatment decisions.
Evaluating and Elevating Specialty Pharmacists Through Certification
The development of the Certified Specialty Pharmacist provides the opportunity for specialty pharmacists to demonstrate their expertise through an evaluation of their skills.
Clinical Insights
Psoriatric Arthritis: An Overview
Early diagnosis is the key to successful management of psoriatic arthritis, and treatment of this inflammatory disease is largely dependent on which symptoms are predominant.
Managing Hepatitis C Costs, Improving Patient Outcomes
New drugs to treat hepatitis C herald a new era of higher cure rates, but with these new treatment options comes an increased need for patient support and adherence counseling.
New Drug Review
Opsumit by Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc
Opsumit (macitentan) was approved to reduce the risk of hospitalization and delay disease progression in patients with WHO group I pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Disease State Management
Viewpoints: The Last Word
How Will Specialty Pharmacy Be Affected By Cost Containment?
Cost containment and formulary management policies can have a major effect on the ways in which specialty pharmacists provide services to patients.

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