Specialty Pharmacy Times: Nov/Dec 2013

From the Chairman
Specialty Pharmacy Year in Review and Beyond
Specialty Pharmacy Times' editor-in-chief looks at the highlights of 2013 and considers the issues and trends poised to impact the future of specialty pharmacy.
New Product Pipeline
Near-Term Specialty Pipeline Highlights
Specialty medications on the path to approval include 2 new hepatitis drugs.
Specialty Pharmacy Nursing
Self-Administration of Intravenous Medications
With proper instruction from specialty infusion therapy providers, self-administration in the home setting is a feasible option for many patients and can greatly improve quality of life.
Video Consults: Innovating and Personalizing Patient Care
High-tech communication solutions allow pharmacists and patients to work together to overcome barriers to the administration and management of complex medication regimens.
Medical Channel Management Programs
Specialty medication management programs offer plan sponsors a way to rein in costs, uncover hidden drug charges, and close the "oversight gap."
Organ Transplant-Specialized Pharmacies: Providing Patient Care to Improve Adherence and Outcomes
Organ transplant patients face unique challenges and can benefit from the support of a specialized pharmacy team.
Electronic Prior Authorization: The First Step in Patient Adherence
A streamlined prior authorization process can increase administrative efficiency and improve health information security.
Temperature-Sensitive Medications
Pharmacists can improve patient adherence by providing education on the importance of keeping medications within proper temperature range.
Biosimilar Growth in Europe Spreads to America
As attention on the management of biologic agents increases, payers anticipate the first biosimilar entrant into the US market.
Clinical Insights
Focus on Hepatitis C: Bridging the Gap from New Drug Therapy to Successful Treatment
Specialty pharmacists can help patients achieve successful outcomes in the treatment of hepatitis C by providing comprehensive clinical consultations on triple therapies.
New Drug Review
Viewpoints: The Last Word
What Is a Specialty Pharmacy?
A specialty pharmacy is defined not by the site of care but the model of care and the type of services it provides to patients.
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