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New Cancer Cases Rise as Cancer Deaths Fall
Treatment advances have caused significant progress in survivorship.
Monitors alert health workers when a vaccine has potentially been compromised by cold chain failures.
Patients who took the drug had a slower decline in lung function than those on placebo.
Treatment utilizes immune cells grown from patient bone marrow to treat multiple myeloma.
Protein that helps cancer cells avoid death offers promising target.
Treatment blocks signals that may lead to inflammation.
Novel drug target found in cells directly responsible for cartilage damage in affected joints.
Treatment is the first concentrated mealtime insulin analog to be approved by the FDA.
Marc O'Connor, Chief Operating Officer of Curant Health, discusses potential methods for keeping high cost drugs accessible.
Agreement will allow both business partners to further expand their leadership roles in the post-acute health care market.


Pharma Industry At Odds: Lessons from the 2015 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit
Amidst the healthcare industry's seismic shift away from fee-for-service to value-based care, the pharmaceutical industry remains firmly at odds. Here are the top five insights I gained under the bright Armada lights in Las Vegas last month.
Growing need for customized medicine creates significant challenges for pharmacists and regulators.
Record number of orphan drugs approved in 2014.
States with expanded Medicaid saw 25% more prescriptions filled than the prior year.
A record 4.3 billion prescriptions were filled in the United States last year.
The first biosimilar product in the United States has been approved, and the time is now for specialty pharmacists to become familiar with the use and regulation of these drugs.
Specialty pharmacies must consider how their marketing programs intersect with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act marketing rules.
Pharmacists provide medication expertise that is essential to both the patient and the health care team in the treatment of hepatitis C.


Marc O'Connor, Chief Operating Officer of Curant Health, discusses potential methods for keeping high cost drugs accessible.

National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Executive Director James E. Smeeding, RPh, MBA, discusses the partnership between the National Association for Specialty Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Paul Sipes, vice president of Spud Software, discusses how specialty pharmacies can best utilize technology to their advantage.

Marc O'Connor, Chief Operating Officer of Curant Health, discusses the main takeaways from the impact of hepatitis C drugs on specialty pharmacy.

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